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extended Solutions Delivered

Client Satisfaction

Complete client/customer satisfaction has been set as the highest key performance indicator at exsodel. which by itself will show you what we are all about At exsodel we don’t mind going that extra mile to ensure the best care of our client's interest and success all the way by delivering extended solutions with the most effective level of service, innovations, value and overall project success.

Personalized touch
We are here to extend our solutions and develop a true extension of your company at our delivery center in Bangalore. India, and consistently deliver high quality services. These extended human resources will do all in power to make your project a success. We create a positive environment and personalized relationship with your organization, wherein employees are accountable to their client and enjoy taking care of the projects they are assigned to, creating a bond between teams and managing a bunch of happy people v/ho enjoy coming to work and transacting with internal and external teams.

What the client wants
It's not always about what we can do, it is all about what the clients v/ants us to do. We must always deliver what our clients are asking for; this is another critical area to ensure that our clients are satisfied, by taking steps to understand what they need and what they are looking for.

24/7 Support
24/7 support services allows us to increase customer service and client satisfaction.

Huge availability of resources with various education backgrounds (Bachelors, Masters and PhD in IT, HR, Literature. Biotechnology, CRM, etc) and skills (through experience & professional development courses) to meet client requirements.

We make it easy for our clients to reach us at any given time.

Punctuality is an integral quality that every employee at exsodel develops.

Trust is very vital in business; we are completely transparent with all our clients on all business dealing, and day to day operation of our client projects.

We always follow clear, documented and regular communication with our clients to keep the business healthy.

Performance driven
Our ultimate goal is to consistently raise the performance bar higher, and deliver customer satisfaction beyond value.

Continuous Improvement
We are perfectionists and are continuously looking for ways to eliminate defects and bring our process to a higher level of efficiency.

Employee needs
We are always looking out to meet the expectations of our employees, fulfill their needs and keep them motivated and happy. We believe that a happy employee means better customer service.

Tailored solution
We set up dedicated resources and technology)', which the client selects and has direct access to.

Building around proven and tested best practices, adopting world renowned process improvement methodologies.

Timely delivery
Making sure that we measure delivery timelines accurately and fulfill our commitment by delivering on time.

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