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Our delivery competencies span over five key areas:

We believe that educated, skilled and motivated employees play an extremely valuable role and form the backbone of our company, and certainly helps create a long lasting competitive edge and distinction in the market place.

We are an equal opportunity employer and are keen to create an environment where employees thrive and grow through consistent performance, supported by strong leadership, innovative training and ample opportunities. We bring on board people who have an internal drive for performance, and we know for a fact that all performers have the inbuilt talent to survive through all types of obstacles and economic cycles.
Our human resources team is well equipped and experienced to cover the full spectrum of talent recruitment & management. At exsodel we strongly emphasize on continuous knowledge and skills building to nourish talent, ultimately focusing on delivering excellent services.

Our quality standards flow through every aspect of our business, across all our business units, to make sure that defects are identified at an early stage and eliminated. Our quality management is a continuous improvement process, and we don't relax after we reach a desired level, our team is always raising the bar higher and will always keep aiming for the next level. We have benchmarked our processes against world-class standards and models such as ISO 9001, CMMI, ISO 20000, ISO 27000, AS 9100, TL 9000 and ISO 14001, The guidance & framework of six sigma, Lean, TQM, business process re-engineering and risk management to eliminate defects, improve production and attain high level of quality.

The exsodel difference is leveraging highly skilled resources that have prior proven experience in implementation quality and are certified in different quality management processes. These quality management experts fine tune best practice methodologies specific to each project to attain process and quality excellence, through rigorous practice and continuous improvement. This focuses not only on operational factors like waste elimination, end to end design & development etc., but also on the behavior and capabilities.
A few improvement strategies

  • Quality feedback process fixes the process (cohesive approach)
  • Risk assessment model and mitigation management
  • Smart assessment of each unit for business excellence
  • Internal auditing and quality certification
  • Strategic project scheduling model
  • Reusability and utilizing rapid tools
  • Program management framework


Our process innovation helps our client projects to reach the required performance standards in short time frames, with end to end process based approach to address key business challenges such as cost reduction, day-to-day operations, process management, client satisfaction and growth etc. through innovation. The GDM (Global delivery framework) plays a very important role as a strong base for integration of process improvement methodologies (Lean Six Sigma, TQM, etc.). Our management drives transformation programs, at the same time bringing clarity and transparency through Business Process Management (BPM) Processes, Governance and Center of Excellence (CoE).

Some key areas process management is responsible for:

  • Analysis of the client’s present process management capabilities and maturity.
  • Develop and establish governance processes and organizations (e.g. Center of Excellence (CoE))
  • Develop business process framework and strategies to extend support to client's efforts.
  • Leverage best practices and existing business process repositories and standards to create client specific business process repositories for process improvement and implementation.
  • Assist business process requirement and workshops in support of business transformation.
  • Provide business process method and tool expertise for the design, implementation and continuous improvement of processes.
  • Training and knowledge transfer to internal participants and to clients on business process concepts, frameworks and methodologies.
  • Use of process models for organizational change management

exsodel utilizes advanced analytics capabilities which assist in improved decision making to help increase customer base, profits, reduce risks, boost operations, and services portfolio. Analytics helps us optimize decision making and enhanced predications by making the best use of available data. Following an approach to shape a phased strategy for building analytics, and then executing systematically on that given strategy, using analytical tools that help to strengthen decision making and increase profitability (Mathematics and Statistical Research, Technology).

We use analytics to address specific problems with methods that can provide targeted insight to increased customer satisfaction, reduce customer mix, operation savings and improved service quality.

IP Protection & Security
On day to day operations, we use a wide range of unique intellectual proprietary and other assets to meet our client’s project requirements and at the same time we may use our client's intellectual property and other assets. At exsodel, we value the importance of the confidentiality of information and client intellectual property. We have stringent security policies, process and layers set up to control the use and access of data throughout the organization. Our policies are based on defined guidelines, standards and procedure which are put in place to preserve complete confidential, integrity and directed use of information.

We conduct internal audits on a regular basis to protect the integrity of our data, and also encourage clients to conduct audits as and when they think it's necessary. At exsodel, the COO tracks the activities in progress and conducts an assessment of risks and vulnerabilities, breaches and corrective measures. The CEO recommends new polices and structures to strengthen information security and IP protection. Our security strategy focuses on four areas: Infrastructure, Information Technology, Regulatory Compliance and Employees.

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