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Operations Management

CProfessional Staff

  • At exsodel we recruit candidates that are suitable to a specific project with additional skills that helps them on a longer run.
  • Training the team to build skills and continuous development
  • Experienced management team that helps in cost reduction and process efficiency.
  • Well trained in statistical and human resources quality management.
  • Goal oriented employees who will fulfill all the necessary requirements of our clients.


  • Newly built office with state of the art facilities.
  • Highly reliable, secure and scalable IT and telecom facilities for more reliable communication.

Proven processes

  • We follow proven processes and methodologies like Lean Six Sigma, etc.
  • Comprehensive layered security policy.
  • Cutting edge technology for smooth and efficient operations.

 Operational efficiency is ensured throughout our company by:

  • Efficiency in all the business units of our company.
  • Alignment in process and technology.
  • Execute changes to processes and projects across the company.
  • Higher level of customer satisfaction.
  • Business continuity plan.
  • Disaster recovery and risk mitigation.

 Human Resource Management (HRM)

  • Our human resources has an eagle eye for best talent available in the market place, and its sources. The 4 r's in recruitment - Identifying the Right people, with the Right attitude and Right Skill at the Right time.
  • Experts in the area of management of employees on different levels and execution of strategies directed towards creating and sustaining competitive advantage. The program focusing on the 4 r's of workforce development (Retention. Retraining, Recruitment, and Regulation)
  • Our HRM practitioners come with a more innovate view of workplace management than the traditional approach.

 Benefits for choosing to do business with exsodel

  • Reduction in the threats through assured service levels, projecting cost models, reduction of incidents, reduced staff turnover impact.
  • Value added support with improved return on investment (ROI) and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) through standard and well organized operations.
  • Enhanced support and end-user capability.
  • To accommodate various business needs of our clients, we provide flexible pricing models and well defined service level agreement
  • Monitoring IT budgeting effectively through transparency.
  • Support growth in core business through increased scalability.
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