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Global Delivery Model

Set up regional business development strategies and potential pre–qualified client for business.

At this stage we will have a high level discussion on the business requirements and information sharing.

Non Disclosure Agreement
Before entering into detailed discussion on client requirements, and sharing of confidential business information; exsodel makes it a practice to sign an NDA with the client to ensure complete confidentiality of information, ideas, etc.

Vendor Requirement
We do a specific check to understand what kind of partner/vendor the client is looking for and if we are capable or have to upgrade to meet the clients requirements.

Scope of Work Analysis
On gathering the project requirements and understanding the scope of work through the exchange of documents, emails, conference calls, samples, etc. and analysis by our pre-sales team consisting of business/technical/non-technical members.  Any further assumptions and clarifications are brought to the table and addressed.

Based on the requirements and scope of work, we get into a consulting mode at this phase to provide our client will the best options for the project.

Based on the project requirements of the client, we stitch together a pre-proposal which consists of the solution, pricing, technology and tools, engagement model, guidelines, project plan and management details of the project.
The format of the pre-proposal is a Word document/PowerPoint presentation, delivered to the client through online presentation.

Final Proposal  
The pre-proposal sets the stage for the final proposal which is a detailed write up of our proposal in line with the best interest and requirements of the client. The format of the final proposal is in Word document or hard copy sent to client via email, fax or post.

exsodel Service Agreement/Contract (ESA)
This is a mutual agreement of both companies (exsodel & client), consisting of all components of the business engagement and legal aspects of the business relationship. To protect the interests of both parties and to reduce misunderstandings, exsodel puts all of its agreements in writing (legally enforceable document).

Statement of Work (SOW)
SOW is a formal document prepared by exsodel account/Project management. This document captures and defines work activities, detailed client requirements, costs, payment terms, deliverables, governance terms & conditions, IP ownership, standard regulation and timelines to execute against performance of specific work for the client.

Parallel Offshore Set-up
Offshore set up is an activity conducted parallel to total information transfer. This activity involves setting up of the offshore team (Recruiting or allocating resources), training, technology connectivity and systems, etc.

Total Information Transfer (TIT)
Information transfer process is structured based on the size of the project, complexity, security and appropriate engagement model for the project. Total information transfer and key components are either transferred remotely by establishing a secure VPN (Virtual private network) and then the use of  email, FTP, conference call, online presentations, etc.  A technical head/lead is sent onsite to the client location to interact with onsite team/stakeholder and do a complete study and transfer of information with the support of an offshore team at exsodel.

Project Kick Off
The offshore team is completely exposed to the client’s requirements and given individual responsibilities. The offshore team is introduced to the client or onsite team.

Project Management
Project management brings about change and is recognized as the most effective way of managing the development process.  Our project management is the process by which client projects are defined, planned, monitored, controlled and delivered on time such that the agreed is realized. Project management of the entire software development life cycle includes design, prototype, development, unit testing, release, integration and user acceptance test.

Project Sign Off
On successfully completing the user acceptance test and the client is satisfied with the service provided by the offshore development team. exsodel hands over all source codes, test cases, technical manuals and all related project information to the client. The client then signs off on the project that was successfully completed.

In some cases the clients would require exsodel to set up a team to support and maintain a product/application, which it has developed.

Our value proposition:
•Tailored global delivery & engagement model
•Reduced costs on Development, maintenance and support
•Focus on components and reusability
•Quicker turnaround time
•No stress and resource management for clients
•Follow development strategy based on the requirement
•Capitalizing on the resource availability
•Customer intimacy
•Domain & Operations Excellence

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