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exsodel quality endeavors to gain and maintain perfection in delivering high standards of services and solutions to our clients across the globe. We continue to strive to raise the bar higher at every opportunity in delivering high quality and reliable services through constant innovation, business and process excellence models.  Our quality management not only focuses on best practices and consolidation of experiences to achieve the quality goals set by our clients, but continual internal processes to exceed expectations and redefine customer experiences. exsodel is keen to implementing and adapting process improvement methodologies such as lean, six sigma, kaizen, etc.

exsodel employs rigorous, uncompromising tailored approach towards quality for each project, with strict guidelines to reduce defects and focus on continuous improvement to attain the highest level of quality process excellence, customer loyalty and immense value creation.

Our quality process helps in streamlining the IT processes to meet the day to day IT challenges of a project. Meeting client's business requirement through operational effectiveness and efficiencies, sourcing strategies, IT governance, keeping up with changing technologies and leading the way.

Process improvement program (Model & Non Model) strategies includes gap analysis, process improvement plans, process definition, framework for measurement, training and support, auditing and assessments, change management and so on.

exsodel’s quality management system consists of specialists that are leveraged to provide quality management for our client’s projects. Quality assurance personnel with skill and rich experience in software engineering, models (such as CMMI, ITIL, ISO, etc), and project management. A team that is keen to bring in practical experience in implementation of various processes to match the needs of the project, quality control and defect free delivery.  Our quality plan is a vital part of the project plan and  is to set targets, monitor and control the quality of the project. The plan consists of measuring and setting goals such as effort deviation, schedule deviation, phase wise effort distribution, defect density, maintenance, customer satisfaction and cost metrics, etc.

Quality Plan:
Identify client requirements.
• List the project deliverables.
• Set quality criteria for deliverables.
• Define quality standards for deliverables.
• Client agreement on targets.

Monitor and control quality:
• Identifying the quality control tasks to control quality
• Scheduling the control activities
• Listing the quality assurance activities
• Quality Assurance Plan, by creating an activity schedule

All activities of process definition and continuous process improvement are coordinated by different teams under the direction of the head of quality.  Our quality assurance group is responsible for facilitating and executing quality management systems; this implementation is verified by the audit group through the company.

We establish clear key quality initiatives that help us accomplish our quality goals, and guarantee customer delight.

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