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Performance Management Process

  • Agents are stack ranked based on previous month’s performance on KPI [key performance Indicators] deliverables. Bottom 10% of the team forms the Outlier and will be part of refresher-team. These agents will be seated separately
  • Dedicated Team Leads will handle refresher-team
  • Agents in outlier groups will be on verbal PIP [ Performance Improvement Plan] for first 3 weeks.
  • Weekly targets will be set by Operations-manager post discussion with TL, QA & Trainer on areas of concerns. The target set must be lesser than floor target and should be increased gradually. Training needs are also captured & delivered
  • Agent moves back to regular calling if he/she achieves the targets set for 3 weeks.
  • If agent does not achieve the target, then he/she will move to a written PIP for 4 weeks.¬† Again, targets set will be step up targets for next 4 weeks.
  • After 4 weeks, if the agent achieves the target set, he/she will continue with the operations, else will be redirected to HR.

Customer Insights

  • The use of data about customers to better understand their needs and expectations
  • ¬†Application of this helps in understanding the design and delivery of services

Effective use of Customer Insight can help :

  • Deliver efficient and effective tailored services
  • Target resources according to priorities
  • Enhance customer service and improve satisfaction

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