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At exsodel our training content and structure is designed to cater to the entire agent life cycle which includes induction, pre-process, process and ongoing coaching (Continuous improvement).

exsodel utilizes a wide range of training processes to ensure quick and steady improvement on skills, communication, adaptability, aptitudes, specific process knowledge, and to ensure that a high performance culture is developed.  

exsodel conducts a unique and tailored approach to training according to process needs. Our training focuses on imparting skills that benefits the employee on current and long term basis. The training programme is prepared by exsodel training team and the client training team.

• exsodel uses internal training content and conducts the induction and pre-process training.
• The process training consists of client process/project  specific training material; content is either conducted by the client or the trainer trained by the client.  
• Ongoing training is conducted by the client and exsodel’s training team.


Our relationship with our employees starts from the very first day they join our company. Induction is very essential for the beginning of the training as it plays an important role in building a relationship between the employee and the company. Induction helps in making the employees understand the standards, rules, regulations, values and norms of the company for future behavior.

We believe that through induction program the employees get to understand the company, and build a strong team. In this induction module we take them through an expedition covering:

• Introduction
• exsodel company profile
• Understanding the companies functions
• Role and Responsibilities of an employee
• Different policies of the company
• Understanding the management
• Mission and vision
• Ethics
• Safety and health

Preprocess Training:

Preprocess Training is conducted for every process before the employee is designated to a particular process. Employees are recruited from a large talent pool to match the client’s project requirement, and all employees are introduced to formal training.

Standardized tests at the end of the training period ensure that only the best of the group is selected to work for our clients. It is very essential that every employee must clear the preprocess training.    
Preprocess training covers:

• English Grammar/Verbal Development.
• Communication Skills (Oral)
• Customer Service Skills.
• Telephone Etiquette.
• Managing irate customers
• Voice/Accent Neutralization.
• Cross Culture training depending on the project.
• Sales and customer service skills.
• Call center environment and Night Shift Tips

Process Training:

Process or project specific training is the next training stage after the employees get through the preprocess training. This training is very important for quality and production for the project, and meeting overall process service levels. This training includes knowledge transfer from the clients, client customers, technology and current operations which will be essential for the project that the employee is going to be assigned to.

Process training will differ from project to project; generally this training is conducted by our clients (Only for pilot batch) to make sure that the knowledge transfer is done according to their expectations. For later batches the training is conducted by a trainer at exsodel, who has been trained by the client.

Certification process:

Process certification is based on the successful completion of the induction, pre-process and process training.
• A series of Pre-Process tests conducted
  (Verbal, online and paper)
• A series of Process tests are conducted on
  (Verbal, online and paper )
• Client approval test.


If the agent or process associate fails to pass the certification process he/she is given a second chance for improvement.
• Re-training encourages employees to reach the process requirement.
• To help employees focus on areas for improvement and self development.

Correction and Improvement:  

Based on the project plan, we set steady targets to attain successful trained employees, and transaction of new employees from the training room to the workfloor. Introducing the employee’s to the working environment, and setting achievable goals on each level. Correction and improvement stresses on identifying and eliminating defects.
• Test scores and feedback training.
• Brainstorming and root cause analysis.
• Rectification and strengthening the process.

On the Job or Continuous Training:

Our training is a method of improving the self confidence of employees, making them perform better and thereby helping them learn and earn more. Training provides process competency, innovative thinking and ability to carry out decisions and assistance in a profound manner. Training helps in developing skill, knowledge, technological changes, internal mobility, organizational viability and professionalism.

Continuous monitoring and coaching programme to equip our team with the necessary tools and skills to exceed client expectations, easily meet all key performance indicators, address and improve any issues that arise in the process.

• Side or Y Jacking process for spontaneous correction and feedback
• Live quality monitoring for ongoing employee evaluation
• Weekly client calibration calls and Training
• Daily process updates with weekly update tests
• Information sharing - Updated process details accessible on the employees desktop.  
• Monthly process and soft-skill training  (Refresher programme)

Types of training:

exsodel provides a wide range of training methods such as class room based training, online face to face training, self paced eLearning and on call training.

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